Dock construction has been a pillar of Boh Bros. for decades. See below for some of our more recent dock projects (both new construction and repair).

Early in its history, Boh Bros. established a position of leadership and innovation in marine construction and has pioneered the use of specialized equipment for shallow water and offshore pile-driving and wharf and dock construction. The face of the Mississippi River in and around New Orleans and Baton Rouge would not be the same without the dock work of Boh Bros. Its presence along the river includes projects at virtually every wharf at the Port of New Orleans, work for the Port of St. Bernard, the Port of Baton Rouge, and the Port of Port Allen, as well as countless wharf, dock, and fendering projects for industrial sites from the mouth of the River all the way to the north as far as Tennessee.

In addition to work along the Mississippi River, Boh has also performed work for for a myriad of owners along the Gulf Coast, as well as numerous projects for the Port of Corpus Christi and the Port of Houston in Texas, as well as in the Lake Charles area.

Featured Dock Construction and Repair Projects