CGB Barge Dock Facility

Barge Dock Construction - Boh Bros. Construction

Project Description

Client: CGB
Location: St. James, LA
Date of Completion: November 2007

The Challenge

Boh Bros. was hired to build a barge dock consisting of three platforms, two walkways, and a large breasting dock. Fabrication of the three platforms was performed at Boh’s fabrication yard. Boh constructed a 72 x 50 square foot platform, a 22 x 52 sq. ft. platform, and a 35 x 40 sq. ft. platform. Additionally, Boh fabricated a large 110 ft. x 15 ft. hinged walkway as well as a smaller walkway used to connect the platforms. Before setting the platforms, Boh drove 50, 50 ft. piles. Crews also drove four mono piles and breasting piles for the barge dock. As part of the contract, Boh built a small truck loading dock and a limestone roadway. They also set a large flare tank, a boiler, a skid, and a small tank for CGB.

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